Bring Legislation for Sri Ram Temple, Ayodhya.

Eight years gone and still no justification to build the Temple, its unfortunate. The custodian to the constitution of India has proven again as bunch of clowns to themselves, just enjoying fat salary and napping in the court rooms. Courts have failed repeatedly and will never come on conclusion on such sensitive litigation.

It could have been better if the big-hearted(in fact tiny-hearted) people of other community who claim to be the descendants of Ghori, Babur and Akbar would have hand over the land for Temple accepting their ancestors were Hindus but converted either due to fear or force. They must learn about proud ancestral heritage from Indonesians and Bali people.

Let me clarify to entire people(Hindu or non-Hindu) who are against or delaying the construction of Grand Temple in Ayodhya“Don’t belive in your myth that people will forget the Temple with time“.

India being under tortured-slavery for 800 plus years still has 78% Hindus only because our ancestors never gave up their culture. Foreign invaders first looted India(as no food, no water in Arabian countries) then attacked, usurped throne, ruled, converted & massacred people, divided India on 14/08/1947 and now they want Ram Janmbhumi.

Arise, awake, act or your barometer to measure the patience of Hindus will fail with the rise of Hindus and every tyrannical forces will be ceased to existence.

As the every method has failed, its time to bring legislation for the same. The govt. of UP must come with the bill in both legislative houses along with the beginning of construction date. This could also clarify political figures who are with & against the Temple construction. Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani; make it clear now. Let us identify the faces under mask.

Time is ripe, it could be better if govt acts in the matter until it is too delay. Time/nature always has its own course and if the Hindu rises, a very big can happen. Every govt will be thrown, every injustice will be buried, truth alone will truimph.

Dharmo Rakshatih Rakshitah – either govt must choose it or the time/nature will make its own way.

Wake up countrymen, revive your Nationalism.

The history of India is soaked in the blood of several lakhs of people who died for this country pre and post independence. They sacrificed their life to motherland either for independence or defence. They are the real heroes, I salute those bravehearts. One major difference between them and us are – we live proudly and they died proudly.

It is unfortunate that we common citizens mainly working class people just enjoy independence day as a common holiday as we do on sunday’s. India is land of festivals an it could have been better if independence day could have been celebrated in every single house as holi and diwali instead of restricted to school, colleges, govt offices, and few public openings and pvt organisations. Really, it is required to strengthen the patriotic nerve of the Nation.

The sovereignty of a state can only be maintained if there is internal unity. I urge every single individual to respect national flag, national anthem. I personally believe that this spirit is dying per day. Please salute the flag proudly and stand still on hearing national anthem. This is the only way we can respect our national flag and anthem. Wake up countrymen, revive your nationalism and become a genuine proud Indian.

The spirit of patriotism is diluting in our society. It is we the citizens accountable to keep it alive, healthy and pass it to the upcoming generation. It’s our duty as well as demand of the future. Pledge today to build a better history, a better society, a better country by our hard effort, positive approach and selfless service. Jaihind!

CONfused Rj

How I described Myself few years ago..

RanjeetMehta talks..

Let Myself to you introduce,
call me Ranjeet, call me Rj,
it depends on you to choose.

Always Always Always !!
whether its bright day or dark night,
my brain sets fuse.

In garden or in journey,
I try to play and sing,
but still facing difficult to reduce.

With friends or foes,
no sort of arrogance or any discomfort,
I hardly go for someone to abuse.

While I’m quiet sometimes,
people suggest me to go for movie,
I overrule them and say ‘better you need chill mango juice’.

At times being alone and thinking,
when I elevate my eyes for tommorow,
I want my Wisdom to induce.

As the cycle repeats, how to induce,
if killing time is mine favorite,
I think my brain is of no use.

At present or in future,
success and glory may be laid far for me,
but Rj will strive to be humble…

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Samasya hai ye Tapasya

Ek baar fir se..

RanjeetMehta talks..

Kabhi hum gungunate hai, Kabhi mayush hote hai,
Apni jeevan ki pal pal hum aise kyu beetate hai,
Diya jo dard tune mujh ko to ehsaas hua hai ab,
Zindagi lagti hai Tapasya, Tapasya hai ye samasya.

Jab pehli baar mile the hum, to unko sharm aayi thi,
Nazre ladd ke jhuk gayi aur dil me bhukamp si aayi thi,
Ek pal ke liye khamosh thi meri saans aur dhadkan,
Hotho pe pyaas laayi thi, Wo dil ko raas aayi thi.

Raato me neend na lagna, Aankho me wo samai thi,
Subah se shaam din aur raat mere mann pe chhai thi,
Aksar dhoondhte rehte the bahana unse milne ko,
Kabhi wo aankh milai thi, to kabhi wo muskurai thi.

Saagar se moti jo paya, Ritu basant maanga tha,
Kya thi waqt ki ranjish jo dariya badal gayi raahe,
Thi kya shikwa gila jo thukra gayi mere jazbo ki guzarish,

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Aur Tum

Zindagi ki safar me,
mere paao gaye fisal,
dil haar gaye hum,
aur jeet gaye tum.

Ghayal kiya hai mujhe,
teri ada aur tum,
pagal kiya hai mujhe,
teri haya aur tum.

Dariya iss paar hum,
uss paar khadi tum,
kya kiya kaisa jadu,
mil gaye hum tum.

Ghayal kiya hai mujhe,
teri ada aur tum,
pagal kiya hai mujhe,
teri haya aur tum.

Adhuri iss gazal ko,
ab pura karo tum,
likh rahe hai hum,
padh rahe ho tum.

Ghayal kiya hai mujhe,
teri ada aur tum,
pagal kiya hai mujhe,
teri haya aur tum.